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To me, food is one of the ways I nurture, love, and heal people.  If someone isn’t feeling well, you can usually find me bringing over a big jar of chicken soup.  And guess what?  They start feeling better.

Because food is more than just fuel for the body.  It can actually fuel the soul.  A good meal can brighten our spirits and even take us on an adventure to other lands.  Our food is full of history and holds the memories of the soil, the wind, the sun, and the water it came from.

Some of these recipes are based on something amazing that I had at a restaurant, a friend’s home, or a family member’s house.  Other recipes are family recipes, handed down over the generations.  And others are ones that I came up with myself.  Just because it’s fun to be creative.

Whatever recipe I share, you can be sure that the reason it’s here is because it touched me in some way.  My hope is that these meals touch you and your loved ones in the same way.

Many blessings to all of you, make sure to click on the Follow button to get notifications of new recipes delivered directly to your inbox.

Much love,


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