Some food pics from a brief trip to Denmark


The picture above shows smoked herring (who would have thought I would like it ALOT), and one of the best fish cakes I ever tasted in my life.


This fish sandwich came topped with asparagus, small shrimp, lettuce, and a remoulade.


These are truly happy cows.

I love, love, love to travel.  The world is magnificent and awe inspiring.  Every time I go some place new, there are a few things I do.  One, is that I check out the local food scene.  Pick out a restaurant or two, see what’s a popular food in an area.  I’m like a food scout.  But I’m not just looking for food, I’m looking for heart.

I don’t know if there is a word or phrase that I know of that actually describes what it is.   Authenticity maybe?

In a world of artifice, facade, fake facts, and propaganda, there lies an undercurrent of “something”.  A basic good will that still flows.  Sometimes I find it, sometimes, I don’t, but more often than not I find it.

Which brings me to the recent death of Anthony Bourdain.  I liked his shows because he would sit down with people over great food and hear their stories.  So I got to hear the stories too.  He took me to places that I had never been to, and might never go, and it was a wondrous world of…well, life.

That being said, I already know that I am a deep well, but it doesn’t mean I want to swim in it.  IF I am a deep well, I prefer that it be a spring of fresh water, bubbling up and watering the ground of my own soul and the souls I come in contact with.

So I’m going to stop being sad for a moment, and instead draw from the undercurrent of basic good will.

I look forward to a continued life of meeting everyone, sharing their recipes, and hearing their stories!

And you know what?  I got married.


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