Grilled Salmon with Asian Marinade


Grilled salmon is seriously one of my favorite.meals.ever.  I almost never order salmon when out at a restaurant because this is usually better.  I’m not just saying that, it’s true.  And it’s one of my most requested recipes.

If you have people over for a barbecue, having salmon with the asian marinade and chicken with barbecue sauce is a great combination.  I pretty much always serve it with vegetables that have been coated in olive oil and then seasoned with curry spices.  You can’t really tell that there is curry on the grilled vegetables but all the flavors meld together in a perfect combination.

Any leftover salmon can be used to top a fresh, crispy salad the next day, so I always save some of the supper just for that purpose.  As long as you have fired up the grill you might as well grill as much as possible at once.  You’ll have a couple of days of grilled vegetables to use for your lunches or suppers.  Just stick in the oven and reheat at 350 F for a few minutes and you’ll get that straight off the grill flavor to add a punch to every meal.

Try the marinade on your chicken wings as well!  And if you’re interested in seeing some superb supper knife skills, serve chicken wings to some Italians.  Americans grab chicken wings with their hands and tear them off the bone with their teeth.  About 50% of the Italians I’ve seen grab a fork and knife and quickly perform chicken wing surgery of the most delicate kind.  Leaving the bone behind and a neat little pile of meat on the plate.  It’s really fascinating to watch!


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Grilled Salmon with Asian Marinade

1 lb salmon filets

1/4 C Braggs Amino Acids or low sodium soy sauce

1/2 C orange marmalade

1/2 T roasted chili paste

1/2 t sesame oil

1/2 t roasted sesame oil

1/4 t grated ginger, you can always add more

1 small grated garlic clove

dash fish sauce or a bit of anchovy paste

dash hot sauce

1 t saki or sherry cooking wine

Whisk together the marinade ingredients in a bowl, and then pour into a plastic storage bag large enough to hold the salmon.  I usually have the salmon cut into 1/2 pound pieces.  Marinade for an hour or 2.

Preheat the grill (gas) to 400F and oil the grate.  Discard marinade, oil the skin of the salmon, and cook the salmon skin side down for about 5-6  minutes or so.  I turn it a quarter way about 1/2 way through so there are nice grill marks.

Flip the salmon and repeat on the other side.  The salmon is best when you take it off the heat when it’s not quite fully cooked in the center, so don’t depend on times alone.  Once you plate it and start eating, it will be perfectly cooked and and come off in large flakes.  Not dry at all!

This marinade is also excellent for chicken wings.


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