Italian Dump Cake


Okay, it’s not a true “dump cake”, it’s easier than that, and nothing screams Italy about it.

Puff pastry is very popular in Italy, and mirtilli (wild mountain blueberries that grow in the Alps) also grow very well in the acidic soils of the foothills in Como where the Azalea grow.

I just thought it was funny to call it that, given the circumstances.

He was Italian, I was dumped – get it?

This dessert is actually a healthy antioxidant powerhouse due to the use of lots and lots of wild blueberries.  

You just feel good after you eat it.  Not crappy.

In fact, there is so much natural manganese in wild blueberries, that they assist in blood sugar regulation and cell metabolism.  Probably why there is no sugar crash!

This recipe is for one little dessert.  One little antioxidant rich dessert, just for you.  Because you’re worth it!

Italian Dump Cake

1 premade puff pastry shell, snapped off

small slice pasture or organic butter

1/4 C wild blueberries (I used frozen then dethawed them)

1 t sugar

1 drop vanilla

lemon zest (use only organic – you can’t wash the chemicals off the skin)

mint leaves

Preheat the oven to 425 F

Snap off 1 frozen pastry shell and brush with melted butter.Put on a baking sheet on the middle rack and cook for 15 minutes.  Mix blueberries, sugar, vanilla, and as much lemon zest as you want.  Let sit, and when the timer goes off take out the pan with the pastry shell and fill up the center with as much blueberries as possible.  Whatever doesn’t fit you can top it off later.  Or just eat them.  Return to oven for another 5 minutes.  Watch for burning!  If your oven cooks quickly, lessen the baking time.  Pull out, let cool for a few minutes, garnish with mint leaves and serve!  Serve yourself.  Set a pretty place setting.  This dessert is not too sweet, so if you want more sugar you have many options.  You can…sprinkle with powdered sugar.  You can…add more sugar to the blueberries.  You can…mix blueberry jam with the blueberries.  It’s up to you my dears!


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